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February 10 2015


Developing Good Habits

People are what they repeatedly do. This simply means we are what we constantly do. Excellence is not an act but rather a habit that individuals have to perform over and over. How does one develop good habits and make them stick? In the day to day life, good habits are difficult to develop and individuals need commitment to ensure they succeed. Let’s have a look on how individuals can easily develop good habits and make them stick:

1 Identify the habit

In most cases, we are no longer aware of our habits whether good or bad. The first thing every person must do is be conscious of their habits good or bad. Have you been having that endless cough for days? Then there is a strong indication of a bad habit with you probably smoking or some sedentary lifestyle. To develop good habits one must be able to identify what the good habits are. If your finances are in disarray, then it is time you realize you need to develop a budget and learn to stick with it.

2 Devise a plan

Developing a plan on how to develop the good habits will go a long way in making the good habits a success in your life. This can be made possible by listing all virtues we consider important to our lives. One can then embark one virtue every week. Once the virtue has been mastered, one can then move to the next and by the time you get to the end of the list, a good habit could have been incorporated into one’s life. Some of the common virtues that are considered good include sincerity, order, silence, resolution, cleanliness, chastity, humility and many more others that once can create.

3 Find healthy ways to reward yourself

Why do people develop bad habits? The most common reason is because they make them feel good. This simply means if we can get ways of making ourselves feel good once we do something nice, we can easily develop some good habits. Always reward yourself when you have done something good. Once can do this by buying yourself something that you have been admiring all your life. Going for a movie, a concert or just buy yourself a new gym equipment will do.

4 Make good decisions and then commit to them

making decisions is easier said than done. Good decisions can easily be made by everyone but the main problem comes when implementing them and sticking to them. All decisions should be implemented immediately, the longer one waits the more unlikely will they implement them.

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